I work as quickly as I can for you! Anywhere between 3-6 weeks. 

Between 30-60 for every hour that I’m there. And I am focused on quality over quantity.

Absolutely! Bonus points if you’re getting married in Las Vegas!

I work primarily with natural light but I am comfortable in all lighting situations.

Do it! I let every new Bride & Groom know the importance of a first look.

I got my first camera at 15 and haven’t stopped since.

I want everything to look as it did on the day you will look back on forever. So, I do not do heavy photoshopping (I will not put Aunt Linda in the family photo if she couldn’t make it to the wedding). My rule of thumb with editing is, if it’s part of you, I don’t take it out, if it’s temporary (hello, random breakout!) it isn’t staying in your photo.

Both! I like to make sure that we get a good amount of both. The posed images are often what end up on the wall, and the candids are what take you right back to that moment when you look back at them years later.